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The Native Village of Afognak (NVA), according to tribal traditional law and the requirements of Article III and the authority of Article IX of NVA's Constitution, offers tribal membership to anyone eligible.  The qualifications for membership are any of the following people:

  • Any person listed on the Base Roll; the Base Roll of the Tribe is anyone who was listed as an original shareholder of the Afognak Native Corporation on the 1971 ANCSA rolls.
  • Any blood descendant or adoptee of a base roll member and their descendants.
  • Persons of Native descent with biologic lineal historic or ancestral ties to the Village of Afognak; enrollment of a person solely because they have historic or ancestral ties to the Village of Afognak is at the sole discretion of the Tribal Council.  All such persons shall be listed on the Supplemental Roll.


Enrollment forms are now available for download:

  • Enrollment Package (403KB PDF)
    Cover letter, enrollment form and family tree worksheet
  • CDIB Form (184KB PDF)
    Certificate Degree of Indian Blood form from the Bureau of Indian Affairs