Oral History Archives 

Digitization and cataloging of these oral histories has been adminstrated by Native Village of Afognak with support from the National Parks Service (#02-01-NA0259). The recordings discuss Alutiiq culture, the Kodiak Archipelago, the old village of Afognak, traditional stories, and other topics. 

For transcripts and additional information please visit the Nadia Mullan Alutiiq Heritage Library. Tapes and transcriptions are housed in the physical collection. Also note that not all audio recordings are available digitally at this time. Additional resources are available at the Nadia Mullan Alutiiq Heritage Library. You may also search the library's card catalog to search for more detailed information.
The archived materials processed revealed words that had been 'lost', referencing words that had fallen from use or had been largely forgotten by Alutiiq speakers. Each of the 'lost' words is defined on alutiiqlanguage.org under the dictionary link. Click here to be linked to the dictionary page where you can search 'lost word' to see a comprehensive 'lost words' glossary. 


These digital recordings are accessible for purposes of education and research. Due to the nature of archival collections, we are not always able to identify all information pertaining to each item. We are eager to hear if any information is inaccurate or incomplete.
Native Village of Afognak makes digital versions of collections accessible when items are: In the public domain; The rights are owned by Native Village of Afognak; Native Village of Afognak has permission to make them accessible; We make them accessible for educatino and research purposes as a legal fair use, or; There are no known restrictions.