Educational Materials


The Native Village of Afognak offers several different Alutiiq heritage educational materials for use by anyone who's interested.  Some of these items are available for free and some are available for purchase. 

Alutiiq Language Materials

With funding from the Administration for Native Americans, NVA translated Alutiiq Language curriculum materials into the Kodiak Sugpiat Northern and Southern dialects.

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Red Cedar of Afognak

With funding from the Administration for Native Americans and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Native Village of Afognak embarked on a mission to preserve the history and culture of Afognak and to develop corresponding educational materials. One project was The Red Cedar of Afognak: A Driftwood Journey children’s book and curriculum.

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Afognak Data Recovery Project

In addition to the Red Cedar of Afognak, NVA simultaneously worked on a project to develop an Afognak history book, through an oral history data recovery project.

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Russian Orthodox Church Records

NVA has translated Russian Orthodox Church records from the old village of Afognak and offer them for sale.  Each disk contains the Afognak parish confessional records from 1896-1965 and baptismal records from 1867-1936.  For more information or to purchase disks at $35 each plus $1.50 for shipping and handling, please email your contact information to or call the NVA office at (907) 486-6357.