Founded 8000 B.C.

The Native Village of Afognak

Celebrating our Afognak Alutiiq Heritage

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Heritage Library

We have a collection of close to 1,000 items that deal with the Alutiiq culture, the Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska Native culture and Native American culture in general, and Alaskana. Also see our oral history archive >


Data Recovery

With funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs Realty Division, the Native Village of Afognak has collected a large archive of data about the Afognak Village and its people: photos, audio histories and archaeology.


Dig Afognak

Dig Afognak began in 1993 as part of a community-wide effort to regain, restore and carry forward the light of our ancestral Alutiiq culture through education and archelogical projects.


Our Governance

A tribal council of seven members, elected by our membership, is our official governing body. The council meets regularly to exercise the functions of self-governance, to manage and protect cultural resources. More >


Our Program

Native Village of Afognak (NVA) has been reaching out to our youth in teaching the Alutiiq language and cultural values through programs like Dig Afognak Camp and our After School Program. More about Programs >


Our Story

The people of Native Village of Afognak are the descendants of the original Alutiiq inhabitants of the village of Ag’waneq, which was located on the island of Afognak, three miles off the shore of Kodiak Island. More >


To embrace, protect, develop, and enhance Alutiiq culture, protect our traditional use areas and encourage unity among the Alutiiq of the Kodiak Archipelago